Soy Fatty Acid Distillates

Soy Fatty Acid Distillates (SFAD) manufactured by KN Group is made from Saponins, leftovers of refined oil in the deodourising stage, performed at 260°C under vacuum of 02 Torr during the refining process of  Soybean oil obtained from Non GMO Soybean seed. Latest technology is used for Deodourisation to maintain the best quality of SFAD (as a by-product). It is available in a pack of 200 kg drums and in bulk as well.

Appearance Clear Liquid  
Colour Yellowish Brown  
FFA (As Oleic Acid) 45 %  min. AOCS 6th EDN Ca 5a - 40 (09)
Iodine Value (Wij’s) 121 – 135 g / 100 g AOCS 6th EDN Cd  1d -92 (09)
Total  Fatty Matter 99.50 % MPOB  P 3.7 : 2004
Moisture & Volatile Matter 0.50 – 0.80 % ISO 662 1998 (E)