Kanethin 62

Lecithin is a Naturally occurring group of Phospholipids found in nearly every living cell. Kanethin 62 manufactured by KN is a complex mixture of phospholipids i.e. Phosphatidyl choline ( PC ) phosphatidyl ethanolamine (PE), phosphatidyl serine (PS), and phosphatidyl inositol (PI), combined with various amounts of substances such as Triglycerides, Fatty Acids & Carbohydrates as separated from Crude Soya Oil.

Kanethin 62 is made from fresh Gums, during de-gumming of Soyabean Oil obtained from Non GMO Soyabean seed and it meets all relavent EU Food and Feed Legislation. Its available in 200kg Drums and in Bulk (Food Grade ISO Tanks).

Appearance Viscous liquid Visual
Taste & Smell Characteristic of Soya Sensual
Color Value Min10/Max12 AOCS 6th EDN
Phospholipids (Non-soluble in acetone) Min 62% AOCS 6th EDN
Phospholipids (Non-Soluble in toluene) Max 0.3%  ISO 28198 : 2009
Acid Value Max 28 mg KON/g AOCS 6th EDN
Viscosity at 25°c ( Brookfield ) Max 120 Poise AOCS 6th EDN
Peroxide Value  Max 5 Units AOCS 5th EDN
TVC (Total Viable count) <1000 cfu/g ISO 4833 : 2003
Moulds & Yeasts <30 cfu/g  IS 5403 : 1999
Coliforms <10 cfu/g  BAM  USFDA
Salmonella NEG ISO 6579 : 2009
Enterobacteriaceae <10 cfu/g ISO 21528 ( PART 1 )